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Robo advisors use software to allocate your investments. These services have become popular because they are user-friendly and offer lower fees than traditional financial advisors. Betterment, Wealthfront, and Vanguard are a few of the players in this space.


Fundamental analysis falls into two buckets:

  • Quantitative-Data-driven, financial statement analysis.
  • Qualitative-Non data-driven. Things that don't show up on a balance sheet or income statement such as branding, customer experience, competitive positioning, etc.

We'll go over both and provide you with examples you can use to frame future investment decisions.


People use technical analysis in different ways. Some investors love it, some think it's useless. We use technical analysis to get on the right side of the order flow.

We don't believe it has predictive value. We use it to gauge supply and demand levels across public markets and to help us find trades with attractive risk/reward opportunities.