Here is a quick update of what we are working on.

We are taking July and part of August to lay the groundwork for several things.


A YouTube channel-This will start with a free investing course broken up into five to seven parts. Videos will be posted on YouTube and on our website with accompanying articles and resources.

IGTV-Instagram’s new long-form video content (red arrow, green box). We will produce a daily 1-3 minute show. Each show will focus on an IPO, company, ETF, or chart we find interesting.

Podcast-We will base this podcast on our weekly research. It will start as a weekly broadcast and might expand into two shows per week.

Our goal is to give readers multiple ways to consume our research.

This takes time and planning; which is why we are breaking from our regular research to build the infrastructure and systems to produce this content.

In place of the normal weekly email, I will send my favorite reads of the week until we get back to our normal research newsletter.

Premium members

We are monitoring our positions and will send updates as needed.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email.


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