Today, you have the tools to manage your own money for low cost.[Coming Soon]

We as consumers have more choice on how to manage our investments today than ever before. The internet has enabled this. It has also enabled a lot of noise and it is hard to know who to trust and what to listen to.

To get started,

Let's simplify our framework into three buckets. This framework has been around a while and is an efficient way to segment our money.

  1. Bucket 1-Savings. Have enough money in an easily accessible account you can use to pay for emergencies when they come up. And they will, we all have unexpected expenses that seem to pop up at the worst times. Take a look at Digit, it automatically saves money for you based on your spending patterns.
  2. Bucket 2-The "Stay rich" bucket. This could be your 401k, pension, IRA or any type of retirement vehicle. It should be LOW COST, and well diversified. Take a look at Wealthfront, Betterment, or Vanguard. Most advisors recommend allocating 60-90% of your investable funds to this bucket, but that will vary with each individual.
  3. Bucket 3-Speculative or "Get rich" bucket. It is exactly as it sounds, this is money, not in a savings or retirement account, that you can take risks with.

SAM offers 2 newsletters to help you with bucket 3



Foreign Exchange

An actively managed model portfolio that takes positions in the major currency pairs.

Tactical etf[cOMING SOON]

An actively managed model portfolio consisting of low cost and liquid ETFs.