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Frameworks give our thinking and analysis structure. Here, we explore frameworks that could help us make better investing decisions.

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Three Strategies to Help you Find Investing Ideas

We call these strategies factors. They are rooted in technical analysis. And will help you identify the stocks and ETFs most likely to go up in price.

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How to Pick Winning Stocks: Three Frameworks From the World's Top Investors

Learn how to pick winning stocks using three frameworks from Warren Buffett, Peter Thiel, and Geoffrey Moore.

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The Milkshake Problem

Plus, Jobs-to-be-done theory and the meatless revolution.

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Are you Willing to Look Stupid?

4 min read. Lemonade follow-up.

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Facebook's Third Apex Mountain. A Cryptocurrency?

Facebook is trying to create a cryptocurrency. Will it be their third apex mountain? Plus, a short history of Netflix.