A Web3 Project is Building The Next Star Wars Franchise. Want to Own a Piece of it?

Imagine a billion-dollar entertainment franchise owned by its community and not by a corporation. Is that possible? I don't know, but we're about to find out.

Blitmap is a community-crafted sci-fantasy universe. Don Hofmann, the creator of Vine and Loot, started Blitmap along with seventeen artists.

Blitmap began as pixel art with 100 originals called Blitmaps. Then, the community mixed them to make 1,600 siblings (see below).

Blitmaps and their siblings

After that, the community-made an expansion pack called The Blitnauts (see below).


According to its website,

The Blitnauts are a faction of sentient robots sworn to locate and protect the Blitmaps, and the heroes of our world.

What's next?

The community wants to build out the universe and create storylines for Blitmap's characters. Like:

  • Who are the rivals of the Blitnauts?
  • Why are the Blitmaps important?
  • And most importantly: where and how will we see these stories unfold?

Here's its roadmap

The Blitmap season one roadmap

Is this an NFT project?

Yes. You can buy a Blitmap on its marketplace.

  • The average floor price for a Blitmap is 9.96 $ETH (~$46k).
  • The most expensive Blitmap is 888 $ETH ($3.9 million).
  • You can also buy a Blitnaut. But to buy a Blitnaut, you must first own a Blitmap.

To conclude

Will this amount to anything? I have no idea. But I love sci-fi and projects that take big swings. So I'll be watching this one closely.

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