The performance will be updated once per quarter.

How much skin do you have in the game?

A question you should ask all who are selling you advice, especially financial advice.

All trades, outside the first four, have real-money at risk. This account will be used to pay for my children's college. The results will matter a great deal as to the quality of education they will receive.

Updated February 2018. Next update: July 2018

Open Positions

  1. Gilead Sciences | GILD | Open date: 07/03/2017 | Gain/loss since open: +14.31%.
  2. Gold Shares | GLD | Open date: 07/18/2017 | Gain/loss since open: +6.80
  3. Twitter | TWTR | Open date: 10/30/2017 | Gain/loss since open: +54.27%
  4. Bed Bath & Beyond | BBBY | Open date: 02/14/2018 | Gain/loss since open: -1.34%

Closed Positions

  1. W W Grainger | GWW | Open date: 09/12/2017 | Closed date: 01/29/2018 | Gain/loss: +65.05%.

Important note

We are aiming to be in the top 10% of investment performance. In order to achieve that, there is a chance we will end up in the bottom 10% if our trades don't work out.

Sometimes they won't. That is the reality of investing.

If we construct a portfolio that looks like everyone else's, we may do good, we may do bad, but we have zero chance of outperforming.

To earn above-average returns over the long-run, we must be different than other investors. That means buying stocks or ETFs other investors don't think are good investments.

Happy trading,